Astrological Remedies to Get a Good Job?

To have a joyful and wealthy life, one needs a stable job and career. But, now and then in-spite of putting optimum efforts, it doesn’t seem to be achieve a good profession, or choosing a wise career change.

The reason could be the weak and / or ill placements of malefic planets in the horoscope. By complete analysis of your birth chart and by providing some helpful effective astrological remedies you can acquire employment and get success in the career.

If you know 10th lord in your horoscope, then by performing remedies related to the 10th lord you can achieve it.

Whereas if you don’t know anything then only perform the remedies related to Saturn (Shani Dev). Because Saturn is the natural ruler of the D-10 chart and 10th house in KaalPurush Kundali (D-1).

Some another simple remedies

Offering water to the Lord Sun, in a copper vessel with jaggery mixed in it every morning is the most widely recognized and persuasive spiritual solution to have the fruitful and successful profession. (Because Sun is the natural Karak of Rajsatta)  

astrological remedies for good job

If you are facing constant hurdles in getting a job and / or career is not running in smooth way then offer a small amount of sweet made from Jaggery in the flowing water.

Distributing some Almonds to poor and needy people on Sundays is one of the most trusted Astrological solutions for achieving Success in career.

Saturn is the master of fate. Furthermore, by deliberately and lovingly donating something to needy peoples without expecting in return might reduce your karmic debts!

Chant Saturn (Shani) Mantras –

Shani-MantraPower or forces of Mantras gives consistency of the rhythms and cognizance; they create good atmosphere in the soul. Chant one of this mantra regularly and see the changes in your Life as well as in profession

Principle Shani Mantra:

– Om Nilaanjana-Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam Chayya-Martanda-Sambhutam Tam Namami Shanaishvaram

Shani Tantrik Mantra – Om Praam Preem Proum Saha Shanaishcharaye Namah:



Worship Lord Hanuman:

Worship lord Hanuman with dedication and give up completely to him, by this you can assimilate his characteristics. This will cause positive energy of Shani Dev (Saturn) in-to your soul and will assist you achieving your goals

To have a stable job and for a suitable career, one must chant “Gayatri Mantra” and “MahaMrityunjaya Mantra” at least for 31 times every day

Lastly Remember

“You will get Opportunity by luck but success will be achieved only by karma”