Ancient Shiva Temples, Kedarnath to Rameswaram on Straight Line

Several ancient Lord Siva temples from Kedarnath to Rameswaram with Kaleshwaram, Sri Kalahasti, Ekambareswar at Kancheepuram, Thillai Nataraja Temple at Chidambaram are align straight in a geographic line around 79° E 41’54” Longitude

Following five Shiva temples manifesting 5 great elements of nature are “PanchaMahbhoota” Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

  1. The Earth Temple is in Kanchipuram
  2. For water in Thiruvanaikaval
  3. For fire in Thiruvannamalai
  4. For Air is in Kalahasti and
  5. And for Space/Sky, Temple in Chidambaram

Geographic Specialty:


Ancient Siva Temples Kedarnath to Rameswaram on Straight Line

It is interesting to know, these five temples were built according to the Yogic Sciences, and are placed in a geographic alignment with each other, so that the entire region can reverberate with the prospect they offers.

These temples are in existing since thousands of years when there was no satellite technology were available to measure latitude and longitude for those places.
Thiruvanaikkaval is located at around 3 degrees to the South and exactly 1 degree to the West of the Northern tip of this divine axis while Thiruvannamalai is around midway (1.5 degree to the South and 0.5 degree to the West).

In fact, the Kedarnath temple in Himalayas is also approximately on similar longitude as of these temples.


Kaleshwaram temple located in Mahadevpur Mandal of Bhoopalpally district; Telangana, Where Lord Siva and Lord Yama are seen on one platform, and Ramanathaswamy temple at Rameswaram is also almost on same line.

How people have constructed these temples located on thousands of miles (2383 km between Kedarnath and Rameswaram) on almost same longitude remains a secrecy.

Flickering lamps in the SriKalahasti temple shows the play of wind (respiration of Vayu Linga)

Water spring in the innermost sanctum of the Tiruvanaikka temple shows the temple’s relationship to the element water

Annual Kartikai Deepam (giant lamp is lighted atop the Annamalai hill) shows the Annamalaiyaar’s manifestation as fire.

Swayambhu lingam of sand at Kanchipuram signifies the Siva’s association with the earth while the formless space (Akasa) at Chidambaram shows the association of lord with shapelessness or vacuum.

Lord Siva Temples in India on almost same Longitude


  1. Kedarnath – Kedarnath Temple (30.7352° N, 79.0669)
  2. Kaleshwaram – Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara swamy Temple (18.8110, 79.9067)
  3. Srikalahati – Srikalahasti Temple (13.749802, 79.698410)
  4. Kanchipuram – Ekambareswarar Temple (12.847604, 79.699798)
  5. Thiruvanaikaval – Jambukeswara Temple (10.853383, 78.705455)
  6. Tiruvannamalai – Annamalaiyar Temple (12.231942, 79.067694)
  7. Chidambaram – Nataraja Temple (11.399596, 79.693559)
  8. Rameswaram – Ramanathaswamy Temple(9.2881, 79.3174)